Flag Program
Arlington North West Rotary raises monies for our community projects through our Flag Program.  Over 1,000 subscribers enjoy having a beautiful 3' x 5' flag displayed in their yard on 6 holiday per year.  
Flags are displayed Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14th), Independence Day, September 11, Columbus Day and Veterans Day.  Flags go out the day before and are picked up the day after the holiday.  Flags for Independence Day go out July 2nd, allowing 3 days for them to be displayed for that holiday.
Our routes cover from just west of 360 along Green Oaks (including the Viridian), going west and above I-30 to the edge of Fort Worth, and then south of I-30 from Cooper, west to Interlochen subdivision.  Zip Codes include 76005, 76006, 76010, 76011, 76012 and some select areas in the 76013 Zip Code.  Please verify with us that we service your neighborhood if there is any question!
Your subscription helps us to support both local and International projects.  Locally, we support each of the local Elementary Schools that feed into Lamar High School with monies for their libraries each year, along with dictionaries to every 3rd grader.  
We also do teacher appreciation events at Nichols and Shackelford Junior High, and provide Scholarships at Lamar High School. 
Our members participate in Meals on Wheels, and we provide additional support to their clients on our route.  We also support the Rotary Foundation which, through our members contributions comes back to us locally to do Rotary sponsored grants in the community, along with other projects.  
For $50.00 per year, you can join your neighbors in the program.  We place a sleeve in your yard, 15" back from the curb, and paint the rotary emblem on the curb so we know where the flag is to be placed.  We maintain and store the flag for you.   It's on a 10' pole.  
When not displayed, we store the flags in a container at Lamar High School for safe keeping. 
It's easy to sign up - you can download the form on this page, or look for the link on the homepage and signup on line by paying with a MasterCard or Visa.  
If you have any questions, please contact Mike Becknal - Flag Program Chair at 817-727-5062.  Or you can e-mail him at mike.becknal@att.net