Joining Arlington North Rotary
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To join a Rotary Club, one must be sponsored by a current member of that club. 

A potential member fills out a membership application.  The proposed member is assigned a classification (their vocation), and reviewed as needed for any conflicts.  Rotary allows no more than 10% of a clubs membership or a minimum of 5 in a particular classification.  They are then proposed to the board of directors which either approves or disapproves of the application.  After the board approves an members application, they are published in the club newsletter, "The Compass" to allow members to make any objections, if any.  Barring any objections, the proposed member attends an indoctrination class to learn the basics of Rotary. 


Once a member has been inducted they go through a "Red Badge" process - (referring to the color of badge they are wearing).  They go through a 10 step process to get them to learn the club members and projects, etc.  This normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete.


A member is expected to attend at least 60% of the meetings held by the club; but can make up at another club two weeks prior or two weeks after a meeting is missed.  There are other opportunities to make up such as donating blood, participating in Meals on Wheels, and other club sponsored events.


A member must pay dues of $125 every 6 months and are asked to become sustaining members of the Rotary Foundation.  The club adds $50 per 6 months for sustaining membership in the Rotary Foundation (see below).

Lunches cost $17.  If one doesn't eat, then the cost if $5 meeting fee. A member who eats and attends all of the meetings should budget about $850 per year, inclusive of dues, lunches and Rotary Foundation contribution. 


Members are very strongly encouraged to become a sustaining member of the Rotary Foundation. The cost is $100 per year and the club matches the first $100 of a members donation each year if they participate in our Flag Program. 

Click on the Form below to get an interative form which can be completed online, or printed out and completed.

Click Here For the Membership Proposal Form



The form should be submitted to the Club Secretary for review by the Classification Committee and the Board of Directors.