Flag Program History

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The Arlington North West Rotary Flag Program began back in 1990, with the idea brought to us by member Jim Ash.

The flag program is the main way Arlington North Rotary is able to support the community.

The program had 60 subscribers at the end of its first year - 1990, and started off with 20-30 subscribers.

Jimmy Jones sold most of the original subscribers through Lamar High School. Chuck Elhoff also sold many of his neighbors.

The program continually grew to about 600 flags in early 2001 and today is at over 1600 Flags. 

Member Dick McCree opened up his garage to flag making parties in the late 1990's. Once or twice a year 4-6 members of the club would gather to replace flags or put new flags on poles.

In 2004 the club purchased an old shipping container to hold the flags and was able to placed it on the South side of the Lamar Football complex. 4 Carts were bought, and modified to hold the flags. A heavy duty ramp was made and asphalt poured to allow the carts to be rolled out into the parking lot. Sheet metal has been installed on the inside of the container to hold magnetic signs which go on the various vehicles used for the routes.

A few members of the club did the maintenance - installing sleeves, repainting curbs, etc. and in 2006 the club appointed one person as being in charge of the maintenance - flags, carts, etc - a behind the scenes person who makes it easy for the rest of the members to concentrate on putting out the flags on the 6 holidays.

Starting in 2010, September 11th was added in place of Labor Day.